5 Fashion Faux-Pas To Avoid This Winter

Winters have already begun knocking at the doors and they are soon to spread all over. Prepare yourself for some winter fashion but at the same time beware of the most common fashion crimes committed during this weather.

Read on and take all the precautionary measures before the fashion police accuse you of some serious fashion crime.

Summery shoes:  We don’t miss to swap our wardrobe season-wise but often our footwear collection goes neglected. Be cautious of the biggest fashion blunder and don’t look misfit by teaming your sweatshirts, jackets and sweaters with open-toed summery sandals.  Spend some fortune in warm shoes including boots and sneakers for a coordinated look.

No accessories: Well, we understand that winters already make you appear bulky and leave almost no scope for accessories. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t carry them at all. You can smartly complete your look with accessories during the chilly weather. Winter scarves, hats and stalking can enhance your look manifold.


All black look: Winters are a bit gloomy and turn us lazy but it doesn’t mean that we start carrying that dark look all the time. You can stand apart in peppy colors and look cheerful. For a change, carry yourself in indigo blue, cherry red, tangy orange and hot pink and ensure a sure-shot attractive look.

Too much of layering: Layers are in and make you feel cozy too but this trend involves handful of tricks. Wear multiple layers in thin fabrics for a comfortable look and avoid looking too bulky or overdressed. Don’t wear everything on one day, mix and match by pairing stalking with winter skirts, jackets or coats over thin full-sleeves t-shirts.


Obey all the predicted trends: It’s good to align yourself with the ongoing trends but the truth is that every style is not for you. Be wise and pick only those styles that actually look good on you. There’s no harm in saying no to a reigning trend for the sake of your style quotient. It is always better to play safe and prevent yourself from mockery.

Remember the rules and strut out in style. Happy Winters!

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