A Complete Guide To Pick The Perfect School Shoes

The excitement to climb another step of the ladder and hook up to the new classroom for another year is unbeatable. With newer goals and challenges already making space in the newly-packed backpacks, it is very essential to ensure that your child steps into the most comfortable shoes that adds to his/her confident appeal.

A survey report conducted recently revealed that kids walk up to 2500 km every year in their school shoes, thus, it is important to ensure that the shoes come with a perfect fit and grip. You must keep in mind that you need extra care and inspection to check the length, depth, width, heel grip, and arch and back of the shoe to ensure long comfortable hours made up of walking, running and sitting sessions.

Here are some essential points to note down on your fingertips:

Don’t plan for next year: Most parents buy stuff for their children wondering if they will rightly fit their child in the coming year too. Well, the growing space cannot be measured and it is not a healthy practice to keep the present comfort at stake. The shoes must have room for movement of feet but not so much that it loses the grip.


Don’t get tempted to cheaper options: Considering that there is already so much to spend, the most likely practice is to compromise on the quality of the shoes for the market lures you with cheaper options in almost similar look and sheen. Scientifically, the maximum number of bones in a child’s feet is cartilage which fully develops by the age of 18. A good pair of shoes helps the feet grow naturally. So, please no concession here.

Don’t forget enough cushioning: It is very important to protect the tender feet from every type of shock as they are vulnerable to many injuries during various school-related events. Make sure that the shoes come with adequate mid-sole and firm heel counter for a comfortable feel all day long.

Don’t miss to check the lining and material: School shoes have a long way to go, thus, it is important to get into the sartorial details before purchasing them. Make sure that the shoes come with scratch-resistant leather, hard-wearing rubber outsole and high-abrasion lining for extreme durability.

Be it classrooms or playgrounds; let the school shoes keep your child’s soft feet comfortable and well-supported all the time. All the Best!

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