All For The Women Of Power

The magical power that ‘perches in the soul’ of the powerfully-delicate gender is worth applauds. We can’t let go any day without feeling their magnificence. And on this day, dedicated to them, we express our love for their doting presence.

Categorically, there are a few distinct types of women personalities, all equally interesting – we must admit! While we bring them to light in this episode, we have a special reward for each type. Take a light-hearted stroll and find ways to make them feel special in their own way, on this day. Here you go…

The All-Around Diva

She is found smirking with her girlfriends and doesn’t mind bantering with her male friends, either. She loves to flaunt her pink suitcase and accessories that match with her outfit and is also found playing snooker with the boys around. Her multi-tasking abilities make her conquer the world. While girls are found sharing their secrets with her, guys love to hang around with them for obvious reasons.

all around

What’s her favorite dialogue: “I wish I could have spent more time with them.”

Where she spends her evenings: Gym, Pool, Snooker, Cafes or Bars

How to make her happy:  Be good to her friends and make them feel comfortable by your cordial attitude.

The Career Fanatic

Of course, her ambition is the first thing on her card. She doesn’t refrain from hard work and maintains a great work-life balance. Men find women with such character highly attractive. However, there is another sub-division which has women, solely focusing on their career goals, so much that the personal life falls far beyond, broken. Nevertheless, the group shares a common thread of preferences.

What’s her favorite dialogue: “I have an interesting plan in pipe-line.”

Where she spends her evenings: Office

How to make her happy:  Talk about her work, achievements and her future goals.

The Homely Goddess

She is a perfect wife, adoring mother and a complete family material. Selflessness is the key and she loves to cook something new each day. She ensures to spend quality time at home and makes every moment worthwhile.


What’s her favorite dialogue: “Look, here is a surprise for you.”

Where she spends her evenings: Parks or Supermarket

How to make her happy:  Pamper her family more than her

The Drama Queen

There are some who can’t do without spices, come what may! They can start a row anytime, act funny out of nowhere or pop-up with something strange yet out of the box. They are good at dramas and are quite high on creative instincts. It’s fun to be around them.

What’s her favorite dialogue: “You ignored me!”

Where she spends her evenings: Omnipresent

How to make her happy:  Gifts!

The Guy’s Girl

She somehow hates the members of her own gender. Opposites attract her literally. No harm, she lives on the safer side and refrains from any kind of cat fight. She’s sharp, witty and knows how to sum up the offside rule in one sentence.

guy girrl

What’s her favorite dialogue: “Dude, you rocked it!”

Where she spends her evenings: Playgrounds, bars, highways…

How to make her happy:  Let her chill

We admire their versatile instincts and salute each one of them for being unique. Happy Women’s Day!

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