Glorify Your Motherhood With Smiles And Celebrations


Motherhood is powerful and blissful. From the very first tickling sensation till that ecstatic welcome-cry moment, the journey of a mommy-to-be turning into a doting mother is beyond expression. Giving birth to a new life and a bundle of dubious emotions is an accomplishment worth applauds.

This Mother’s Day, we raise a toast to the 9-month long journey. It surely deserves celebration, adventure, excitement and its whole share of happiness. On the occasion, we had a tête-à-tête with moms from the real world who had a gala time during their pregnancy period. Do some eyeballing and get inspired to keep your spirits high if you too have stepped into the motherly shoe.

Let’s do some Tango

Pregnancy and dance – people find these two things completely unmatched. Just in case you want to know, tango is one of the few dance movements that can be practiced and enjoyed during pregnancy with all the safety. It also helped me increase flexibility in the body. And what could be a better feeling than dancing together with my husband and unborn child?”

– Kashish Malhotra, Lucknow, Mother of a 5-year-old


We Went Camping, Hiking With Trekking

“Essentially, moving out on the trails, breathing fast and deep and stretching my legs were the most natural and healthy things that I could do as my baby grew in my belly.”

– Mamta Vohra, Amritsar, Mother of a 4-year-old

Clubbing, exercising hanging around with other mom-to-be friends

“I found making friends with women who were not pregnant wasn’t making me happy. So, I reached out to some five ladies who were expecting near my society through social channels and connected with them. We eventually hung around and had a lot of fun during those crucial moments of my life. We used to go for yoga sessions, picnics, movies, walks on every frequent interval and the time passed away happily. ”

– Minni Singh, Chandigarh, Mother of a 9-year-old and 4-year-old


 Yoga in the Hills or Beach

“Breathing, stretching, meditating was soulful indeed in the hills. I spent time with nature, read books and rejuvenated myself and the growing life inside with enough positivity and the whole phase passed without any panic. ”

– Sangeeta Bhardwaj, New Delhi, Mother of a 9-year old, 4-year-old and1-year-oldd

 Do you know about Babymoon?

“Vacationing during this phase can be the best way to celebrate the motherhood phase. We explored three destinations during the safe period and every time it refreshed me with double energies. The picturesque scenes amidst new cultures gave a relaxed feeling breaking the monotony.”

– Neetu Chawla, New Delhi, Mother of  an 8-year-old


From photo scrapping, reading, listening music to redoing your nest, undergoing spas and much more can actually make the beautiful phase all the more glorified. Love, explore and enjoy the phase.

Happy Motherhood!

Disclaimer: The information is intended for information purposes. Practice them under the advice of the doctor examining you.

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