Heels, Heels Everywhere!

Heels add charisma to any woman’s look and magnetism to her ensemble. It lets her flaunt her beauty with poise where ever she goes.

The below style guide around heels will help every woman add flair to her look. Let these footwear staples work wonders for one and all. So, here you go, ladies!

The corporate splendor: Style and elegance must go hand in hand. Be it blazers with pencil skirts or formal trousers and shirts, closed-toed pumps complement well while adding height to your look. Pumps vary from 2 inches to 4 inches in terms of heel height and can be worn according to the suitability of individuals.



The haughty party figure:  It’s every girls dream to be in limelight while dressing up for the party occasions. And it seems sexy stilettos are Godsend for all such occasions.  Wear them with gowns, dresses or traditional outfits and they are sure to add oodles of style by all means. From 2 inches to 5 inches, stilettos come in varied heights, designs and colors to ensure that they befit you regardless of the dress you pick.




The comfortable flair: When you plan to maintain your elegant posture for the long time, wedges come as a rescue. The supported heels of the wedges in peep-toe, close-toe or open style pattern serve dual purposes of adding style to your look without compromising on your comfort factor. The wedges come in varied designs including color-blocking, boot-style, etc. to suit every occasion.




Little touches of grandeur: When running errands, going out for a small casual outing or a sweet lunch date, kitten heels can accentuate your look immensely. These are comfortable and cute additions to your summer dressing or super-chic outlook. The ease that these heels offer makes them popular in women fraternity.

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We raise a toast to the fancy world of ladies and wish them all the luck for a beautiful look always.

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