Redefine Fashion with the All New Insolia Collection

Irrefutably, heels cut a dash on every occasion. And respecting the very fact we are all set to let you dress up to the nines with heels that imbue you with a super-sexy poise.   

Well, this season is all about crossing the border line and moving ahead in the fashion game with everything that adds to your stylish appeal. Our footwear design experts have literally trawled the fashion dictionaries to bring out the righteous combination of ‘sexy and comfy’ so as to give a confident composure to each and every woman out there.

Enough of suspense, here we introduce to you the latest range of Bata Insolia Collection that is carefully crafted with supreme technology ensuring metatarsal balance to even out body weight distribution. This ensures reduced footwear pressure, improved posture and balance along with extended comfortable wear time.

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The promising range allows the women to wear high heels up to three times longer hence it comes with the inspiring motto – Woman Up! Walk Further, Walk Taller!

Where to Wear?


  • Corporate Affair: Style and functionality must balance each other well when it comes to building an impressive look at your workstation. The new collection is sure to do the justice. From mules to pumps, its extensive range of blacks, beiges, and browns come out to be the deal crackers for every professional woman out there.
  • Casual Outing: Snazzy footwear that gels well with stylish footwear is surely the calling card of an outgoing woman. The elaborate range is all about its elegant appeal and super-stylish built. The footwear with attractive adornments and a spectacular display is sure to bring out the best in you.
  • Evening parties: The versatile creation is about adding a glamorous appeal to one’s overall appearance. The footwear range with moderate heels in comfortable built comes with super-stylish uppers to impart you an impressive look with traditional as well as western outfits.

How to Wear?


  • Increase inch by inch: The best way to make yourself used to elevation is by starting off with smaller and thicker heels. You can gradually increase heel heights with the narrow structure to make y
    our body get accustomed without putting a strain on your body instantly.
  • Walk steadily: If you want to make heels a regular part of your dressing then you must avoid running while wearing them in the initial years. It is advised to take smaller and steadier steps to avoid prolonged pains and tripping off. Remember the mantra for a healthy association with heels.
  • Avoid large breaks: Once begun, you must continue with your habit of wearing heels at regular frequencies. This will help you improve your posture and walking style with the passage of time. All in all, your body will master the art of wearing heels in the most graceful manner.

Ingeniously designed, Insolia collection in low to medium heels is the most suitable option for women to explore the world of heels in the most comfortable and stylish way ever.

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