Show off your color

This Holi paint yourself up in your favorite color and say, ahhhhh, this color truly explicates the real “Me”. Whether incredibly confident, chic or minimalistic, the classic hue of your persona divulges the charm you hold radiating your realistic vibe.

So, go pop into these signature colors to find your shade of personality!

Fiery Red

Fashion aficionados who love to make a style statement wherever they go dominate the style sphere in this fiery hue.  A perennial beauty classic, this bold bright high-gloss scarlet becomes the hottest hue in shoerobes of ultimate sophisticated fashionistas who walk in confidence lending a modern take on everything boring around them.


Pretty Pink

It’s not just pink blush but a pretty crush. Unabashedly feminine and strong, this delicate pastel is the favorite hue of ones who love to add a flattering sweetness and pretty touch of sophistication to their persona. Beautifully girlie and fresh, this exquisite tint is revelled by voguish woman to amplify her flirty looks and reflect the ultra-feminine shade of her versatility for being not only elegant and charismatic but also sexy.


Cool Blue

They don’t fear Monday morning blues because blue is their favorite hue. Favorite among street-style exponents this enigmatic hue is less monolithic and more refreshing. From cornflower to teal to hyacinth to sapphire, there’s a blue to suit every woman out there who is ready to break out the brights with her virtues of coolness. A zesty love of sprightly spirits who love to live the lush life.


Bold Black

Universally flattering, this dignified hue is a signature shade to boast an intellectual style statement. The penchants of black color have a strong sense of individual style with a cutting-edge vibe and a naughty streak. An ultimate style inspiration, Black transcends seasonal trends being the favorite hue of the powerful and confident souls. The real secret to wearing it may have more to do with an attitude and class as it instantly amps up the luxe factor in one’s identity.


Understated Beige

Desert chic this hue is about mixing tones of brown. Undeniably slick, this serious statement shade is loved by understated or low-key fashion fanatics. A delicate hue with an ethereal touch which is favorite amongst minimalists and urbane tasteful feminine charms who care to brag about their stately elegance.


Reclaiming a much-needed reference point, these new practical adaptations of your most-liked color builds the original framework for strong and smart individuality. So, taking a cue from this piece you’ll surely get an idea whether you encapsulate the qualities of pretty pink or florid or black fierce.

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