The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Formal Shoes

You can spend days searching for a great pair of formal shoes for men. And with so many options, it’s not easy to know when to wear a particular type of formal shoe – or what clothes to wear it with.

The infographic below gives you a broad overview of different options for men’s formal shoes. The purpose of this infographic is not to sell the idea that you need a pair of formal shoes for every occasion – but that buying a pair of quality formal shoes for men is a great investment– because the right shoes for the right occasion can substantially uplift your style and your comfort quotient.


Why you should care about the type of formal shoes you wear

Your shoes constitute the very foundation you stand upon. And when it comes to formal shoes, they should be both stylish and functional – to ensure that you look and feel great. A poor choice of formal shoes can lead to your not only feeling sloppy but also to discomfort and injury.

Did you know that people can – and do – size up complete strangers accurately– just by looking at their shoes?According to a research article published in Journal of Research in Personality, empirical data reveals that people who judged complete strangers via photographs of only their shoes were correct for a majority of the time!

Formal footwear rules to keep you looking good

  1. Wear the right type of formal shoes
    When it comes to formal shoes, every type of shoe serves a purpose – as you saw in the infographic. Wearing your formal shoes outside their recommended purpose is always fine so long as it’s appropriate. But we do not recommend taking this to an extreme – such as by wearing opera pumps or flip-flops to work or a formal business meeting.
  2. Wear good quality formal shoes
    While not all of us can afford to spend thousands of rupees on our shoes, investing in a good pair of formal shoes can often be cheaper in the long run compared to poor quality shoes using cheap raw material. If you care for them well, they can last you for many years.
  3. Wear formal shoes that fit well and are comfortable
    It’s never a good idea to sacrifice comfort for style. Alwaysbuy the right sized shoe, even if this means paying a little more – or waiting a few days longer for it to arrive. If you’re not sure about your size, use the View Size Chart option available on most websites – or contact your nearest store for guidance.If your formal shoes are without adequate support – or too tight or loose – it can lead to unwanted strain on your feet, ankles and legs – as well as your hip and spine – and eventually cause pain and injuries that may prevent you from participating in work, sportsand hobbies.Every year, millions of people visit doctors for foot- and toe-related problems – by wearing the wrong the type of shoes.
  4. Take good care of your formal shoes

The biggest people make after buying a great pair of formal shoes is to neglect caring for them. Take some time and effort to look after the fabric and soles – and rest assured they will stand up wonderfully to everyday wear and tear.

Here’s how you can keep your formal shoes looking their best:

  • Clean and polish your formal shoes every day as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Use the polish recommended by the manufacturer
  • Invest in a good quality brush
  • Rotate through your formal shoes to allow them to dry between wearing
    (it also makes them last longer)
  • Use wood shoe trees to quickly soak up perspiration
    (especially in case of formal leather shoes)

Buying a pair of good quality men’s formal shoes is a great investment for your wardrobe. So use this infographic to narrow down your choices – and enjoy your investment to the full.

And above all, don’t forget that we operate a FREE, no-hassle return policy, so you’re never at risk of getting stuck with formal shoes that don’t fit as they should.

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