Why Shoes Make The Best Valentine’s Day Gift?

“I still have my feet on the ground; I just wear better shoes,” so was Oprah Winfrey’s way of expressing her obsession for shoes. In fact, we all are die-hard shoe-lovers whether we admit or deny.

So, this year, let the love of your life fall in love with you yet again as you surprise him/her with a pair of the classiest shoes ever. Peek-a-boo at the five valid reasons that why ‘shoes’ make the best gift for Valentine’s Day:

Goodbye diamonds, footwear are my best friends: Gone are the days when diamonds defined opulence, luxury is all hidden in a woman’s shoes now. So, pick a sexy pair of pumps or stilettos and bend on your knees to propose your lady love this Valentine’s Day.


To the moon and back with you in my sexiest shoe: Men’s love for shoes is not much known to all but the fact is that men love to slip in the best pair of shoes while they go out with the love of their life.

The real hipster like me believes in everything trendy, come what may: Those who dress splendidly, peculiarly pick their shoes as well. So, make them view through rose-tinted glasses by gifting them a pair of sexy shoes that they love to carry whenever they wish to flaunt their affluence.


I am unapologetically flamboyant, please don’t underestimate: So, if your better half pronounces ‘avant-garde’ better than you then don’t dare to play ‘safe’ with him/her. How about presenting a plush pair of shoes, maybe one from Hush Puppies or Marie Claire, for a surprise expression.

Shoes are anyways a practical option to express that you care genuinely: Let your love not just be a world of fantasies. Express it while keeping opulence and practicality in mind. Why just dresses? Move to an equally essential option that often goes neglected. Yes, shoes it is!


So, let your valentine be head over heels in love with you as you plan to present him/her an eccentric gift. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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